I not only use all the brains I have, but all I can borrow Woodrow Wilson

Performance is the ultimate driver of any organisation.

We recognise that for many organisations few challenges are as daunting as motivating and developing their team to achieve outstanding performance.

We work with you to create the greatest possible involvement and commitment throughout your team. This may be through consultation, or through the development of your leadership team.

We provide training, coaching and mentoring to enable your people to develop their skills and realise their potential. Click here for more info.

“The 2 days give exactly what it says on the label: they’re transforming… And in transforming me – the way I interact with others – it has the potential to transform the value of support that my clients receive…which has the potential to transform the results they get from their business. It’s so obvious from the title – Transformational Leadership – but I didn’t expect this. I am in shock – how can so much be achieved in such a short space of time (and so subtly, too)… I’ve attended hundreds of courses over the past 20 years, every other course has “taught” me stuff, some of which has been extremely helpful, but the last 2 days are in a class of their own.”

Business Owner and former Business Link Consultant

Sales and Marketing Training

Sales and marketing are critical disciplines, whether times are buoyant or difficult. Creating and keeping the competitive edge means that we can capitalise on limited opportunities when times are tough and create a secure an exciting future in prosperous times.

Our Sales training involves more than just learning a set of tactics and techniques – the focus is on developing a greater understanding of relationship building, creating trust and enhancing self-confidence.

We cannot afford to leave the promotion of our business to a dedicated team, everyone needs to take responsibility for its development by taking advantage of every opportunity that arises. Our training is therefore relevant for everyone in the organisation who may have contact with potential clients – does that include you? If not, shouldn’t you be involved? Click here for more info (go to The Uncomfortable Sales Hat)

We will show you how to identify and focus on your customers’ needs, so that you create win-win situations and they want to spread the word.

Additionally, we can combine training with one-to-one coaching and follow-up “on-the-job” training and mentoring.



Our performance coaching helps individuals to realise their untapped potential. We work one-to-one supporting clients to challenge their beliefs and assumptions, stimulate their creative thinking, develop a clear path to achieving their goals and staying on track for success. The approach is challenging and tenacious, supportive and encouraging.

“My world is a different world today! My first client today received a totally different approach than would have been the way on Monday. I feel quite “winded” and exhilarated all at the same time??!! You have helped me to realise that all the pieces of the jigsaw I already possessed actually fit together and could make a beautiful picture!! Until now they’ve simply been separate jigsaw pieces. Thank you for giving me the key to make so much more of my life.”

Business Mentor


Transformational Leadership

In the words of Stephen Covey, “Leadership is a choice not a role”. So how do you choose to be? Leadership means not passing the buck. Outstanding leadership requires truth, authenticity and a desire to achieve the full potential of the people you are leading.

It starts with understanding you and your impact on others. Our programmes will challenge your perceptions and provide a framework for you to develop your own leadership style, that is in line with your values whilst inspiring those around you to perform at their very best.

“The Leadership & Management course expertly facilitated by Christine Mansfield was outstanding. As a result of group discussion, we set down clear objectives all of which were met by Christine. It was a reflective two days which have helped me re-focus on ways to improve not only how I work on my business but also across all areas of my life. I would highly recommend this course particularly to all business owners who will truly benefit not only for themselves but also their clients and staff.”

Glen, PR & Marketing Specialist

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Ignite Your Personal Brand

Have you ever been surprised by feedback from others – maybe thinking to yourself – “that can’t be right because that’s not who I am at all – they just don’t know me?!”

If you have, then you may want to consider this:

There is almost certainly a gap between the message you wish them to receive and the message you are sending with your behaviour and image…

If we want clients and colleagues to trust us then it is vital that we discover a way to be congruent with our values, authentic in our behaviour and image, without losing our professionalism. That’s where we come in…

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“The Uncomfortable Sales Hat”

Many business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs find that, whilst they love to talk about their passion and explain their business, translating into language that others can understand and creating sales opportunities is outside of their comfort zone.

We work with you to create a level of understanding and skill in sales that will help you to let go of your feelings of discomfort and develop your client relationships so that you and they benefit from your professional skills.

“You have helped me create an sales approach within the business, your wealth of knowledge and ability to think in all directions adapting your skills to our work has been very valuable. I would like to thank you for your contribution to my business and look forward to a continued successful relationship.”

Tim – Photographer