In the words of Stephen Covey, “Leadership is a choice not a role”. So how do you choose to be? Leadership means not passing the buck. Outstanding leadership requires truth, authenticity and a desire to achieve the full potential of the people you are leading.

It starts with understanding you and your impact on others. Our programmes will challenge your perceptions and provide a framework for you to develop your own leadership style, that is in line with your values whilst inspiring those around you to perform at their very best.

“The Leadership & Management course expertly facilitated by Christine Mansfield was outstanding. As a result of group discussion, we set down clear objectives all of which were met by Christine. It was a reflective two days which have helped me re-focus on ways to improve not only how I work on my business but also across all areas of my life. I would highly recommend this course particularly to all business owners who will truly benefit not only for themselves but also their clients and staff.”

Glen, PR & Marketing Specialist

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