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Sales and Marketing Training

Sales and marketing are critical disciplines, whether times are buoyant or difficult. Creating and keeping the competitive edge means that we can capitalise on limited opportunities when times are tough and create a secure an exciting future in prosperous times.

Our Sales training involves more than just learning a set of tactics and techniques – the focus is on developing a greater understanding of relationship building, creating trust and enhancing self-confidence.

We cannot afford to leave the promotion of our business to a dedicated team, everyone needs to take responsibility for its development by taking advantage of every opportunity that arises. Our training is therefore relevant for everyone in the organisation who may have contact with potential clients – does that include you? If not, shouldn’t you be involved? Click here for more info (go to The Uncomfortable Sales Hat)

We will show you how to identify and focus on your customers’ needs, so that you create win-win situations and they want to spread the word.

Additionally, we can combine training with one-to-one coaching and follow-up “on-the-job” training and mentoring.