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What is Event Management?

Event Management is exactly as it sounds – the management of an event taking place at a given time and place. When ever we are bringing together a number of people in one place there are numerous things to consider: venue, room layout, catering, power, audio visual (AV), event speakers etc, etc. Whatever the purpose of the event, be it a Product Launch, Conference, Exhibition, Party, Seminar, Staff Briefing or Charity Ball and regardless of size the fundamentals of Event Management never change.

Throughout the whole event management process organisation and attention to detail are paramount at all stages of the planning process and delivery of an event.

 For every event there must be set aims and objectives with a clearly developed path to be taken to achieve the final goals. The details of the event should be written down as a guideline and communicated to every member of the team involved with the event.

Event Management is based on effective communication skills at all levels.

Event Management is all about ‘detail’ ‘detail’ ‘detail’.

In Event Management one of the most dangerous words is ‘assumption’.


Where to start…

Merlin Event Management can take on all the complex event organising, leaving you and your team able to continue concentrating on the important day-to-day concerns of running your business.

Not only will we save you time, effort and stress, our relationships with suppliers will provide financial savings.

We will form a detailed understanding of your vision for the event, we will plan and co-ordinate all activities, keeping you fully informed at all stages.


The end result…

Merlin Event Management will deliver your event successfully having considered every possible stage from pre-event engagement, core message, speakers’ impact, build up to final delivery:

Merlin Event Management can help you with every aspect of your event including;

  • Event Planning & Design
  • Creative Event Input
  • Venue Research, Sourcing & Solutions
  • Resource Management
  • Client & Supplier Liaison

Please contact us to find out how we can help you to deliver your event.