Coaching and Mentoring

“The Transformational Leadership course expertly facilitated by Christine Mansfield was outstanding. As a result of group discussion, we set down clear objectives all of which were met by Christine. It was a reflective two days which have helped me re-focus on ways to improve not only how I work on my business but also across all areas of my life. I would highly recommend this course particularly to all business owners, who will truly benefit not only for themselves but also their clients and staff.

The workshop was very powerful and thought provoking. It was an incredibly insightful course and Christine has a natural, calming yet stimulating training style which helped to put us all at our ease. She instilled energy in the room and we all learned so much about our individual working styles and how that has an impact on others and the business as a whole. There was a lot of information to take on board but Christine did this in such a unique style that unlike some other training courses where I can feel absolutely drained I felt energized and motivated to make the necessary changes to help my business and myself to grow.”
Glen King – Glen King PR and Marketing

“Christine’s approach and the subject of Transformational Leadership was inspiring and truly worthwhile. I, alongside my colleagues on the course all had some “lightbulb” moments where the fog lifted and we could see how our own actions are interpreted by others in the workplace.

My Staff were anxious when I said I was going on this course!

However, they too are realising the benefits through me, my attitude and approach to them. I am getting more from my work colleagues without them realising it, and all because of the subtle ways I have changed my phraseology procedures and style. I cannot recommend Christine highly enough. January 2010″
Ed – Trugs Floral Design

“Delivering leadership development programmes with Christine has shown her to be a highly considered, aware and supportive facilitator. Christine enables others to develop leadership skills through her focus, experience and insights. September 2009″
Paul Dowding, Paul Dowding Training

“Christine is an outstanding facilitator in the field of Leadership and Marketing. She has positively impacted every group she has worked with always exceeding expectations in terms of added value, new learning and inspiration. Her Marketing expertise makes her an invaluable member of any team with a fresh, creative approach to ensure each project fulfils its potential. It has been my privilege to work with Christine over many years many times. June 2009″
Director, National Training Organisation

“Christine is a lovely person with high integrity. I’ve been lucky enough to work with her on a number of occasions and hope that we will continue to do business together in the future. She helped both James and I (directors at Optix) with Sales/Management training which delivered excellent results for both of us. If you’re considering working with Christine, don’t put it off any longer – you certainly won’t regret it. November 2009″
Alistair Banks, Director, Optix Solutions

“You have helped me create an effective, planned strategy for my business future, something that after two years in business sometimes doesn’t remain a top priority. More recently we have contracted you to work on sales training within the business, your wealth of knowledge and ability to think in all directions adapting your skills to our work has been very valuable. I would like to thank you for your contribution to my business and look forward to a continued successful relationship. January 2008″
Tim Greenland, Director, Viewfinder

“I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the last two days. The course provided so much more than I expected and all of it will be valuable. Christine was excellent and it was good to work with a great bunch of people, most of whom I’d not met before. April 2009″
Programme Manager, Prince’s Trust

“…You have enabled us to improve every one of our trading statistics to such an extent that we now regularly feature in first place in Bartercard UK’s national trading results. Thank you Christine, for one of the soundest investments I have made since starting my business three years ago.”
Managing Director, Bartercard SW

“Just a short note to thank you for your inputs. They were much appreciated by us all. In this first leadership module you have to lead “all the way”. The fact that everyone was not only alert at the end of Day 2, but involved and actively participating reflected your care and patience with an interesting yet demanding audience!”
Leader of Belfast-based Management Development Programme

“Thank you so much Christine – I have now overcome my fear of speaking to a large group. The techniques I learned were put to immediate and very effective use and I actually enjoyed the whole experience and I know the same will be true in the future.”
Site Manager, National Electrical Contractor

“This was a tough, testing and frank workshop with excellent facilitation, variety and pace. You were open and obviously honest and you had the ability to reflect back to the delegates and truly help with individual problems, whilst keeping the context and interest of the collective. Also the ability to take an excursion into interesting and relevant unplanned areas. Thank you so much.”
Innovation & Technology Counsellor, Business Link, Herts

“Working with Christine has developed my belief in my ability to deliver results in all aspects of my work. Our expansion has provided the opportunity for me to implement a new structure for the organisation and to train, develop and lead our new team members with a new sense of confidence and empowerment that I have never previously experienced.”
Operations Director, Event Production Company