"If you do today what you did yesterday, you will be beaten. If you do today what others are doing now, you’ll be competitive. To win, you must seek today to do what others will be doing tomorrow" Rob De Costella

Marketing – the missing link

In terms of developing your market, a classic plan lists seven elements in the essential mix for communication with potential customers. One of these and, perhaps the most important one of all, is PEOPLE. Lets assume that you know how to develop your product, you can research sufficiently to ensure your price is right, that you have worked out how you are going to deliver and that you have ideas about how to promote what you are offering through various channels. This all may well be irrelevant if your people are not totally aware of, involved in and committed to achieving your objectives.

The Plan

Do you have one? If so, where is it? Do you regularly refer to it and revise elements in line with changes in the market place?

Many small businesses, even if they have a business plan, do not develop a Marketing Plan to support it. We feel that a Marketing Plan needs to be a working document, based on sound and regularly updated research rather than something cast in stone that is filed away and never referred to.

It needs to be based on the values and goals of the business, which is where we start A vital stage is the involvement of your people in establishing the goals and values of the organisation, to ensure their commitment and engagement in the plan, otherwise you are only working at a transactional level and therefore limiting the potential to achieve outstanding performance.

When it comes to creating this involvement and commitment, leadership and communication skills are critical.

This is where Merlin can support you. We will support you in creating the plan and then mentor your progress with its implementation, ensuring that you are developing a fully engaged team along the way.